Take Care When Giving Your Gift to a Child

December marks the beginning of the gift-giving season. It is also Safe Toys and Gift Month. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that every year there are 150,000 toy-related injuries serious enough to require hospital emergency room care.
Every year over 5,000 new toys enter the marketplace. To ensure that this holiday season is safe for all the children on your list, keep these suggestions in mind.

Choose Carefully
Begin your toy selection by examining the toy you are interested in buying. Good design and good quality go a long way to ensuring that you are purchasing an appropriate gift.

Age Counts
Toys should be marked with age designations. Pay particular attention to toys marked “not for children under 3 years old.” These toys pose a choking hazard to small children. If you are buying a gift for an older child who has a younger sibling, take these warnings into account as well. Young children should not be given toys that have small removable parts, strings or cords, sharp edges, or blunt ends.

Read the Labels
Look for all safety information printed on the toy packaging. Toys for younger children should be marked as “non-toxic.” If the toy will be played with often, make sure it is washable. All electrical toys should have the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) seal on them. 

Take Care When Giving Your Gift
Be sure that the child’s parents are present when you give your gift. They will be able to determine if a toy needs assembly or requires adult supervision. All packaging, including staples, plastic bags, and styrofoam should be removed and disposed of properly.

Keep on Top of Recalls
There have been many toy recalls in the last several months. It is important to check if any toys you've purchased have made it onto the government's list of recalls. To check for product recalls on any toys, visit

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