Ease The Stresses of Moving: Methods to Finally Getting Unpacked

Have you moved recently (or not so recently)? It sometimes takes a long time to get all those boxes unpacked. And often you may find that there are several left that you have never unpacked. If you’ve procrastinated and are faced with some remaining packages, these tips may help motivate you to finish the job.

Take it slow and easy.
 Since you’ve already put it off for a while, there is really no need to hurry through the job. Choose one box and make a commitment to finish unpacking it before you move to the next one.

Split up the work.
 One simple tip to help get a box unpacked is to share the job with other family members. If it has been a long time since you’ve moved, it will be a surprise for everyone to see what is in each box. Divide up the contents and have a race to see who is done putting items away the fastest.

Get rid of the excess.
 As you unpack, keep an empty box nearby. You may find that many, if not all of the items you are pulling from the box are things you no longer need. After all, you’ve gone without them for a while now, so what is the point in keeping them. Save the sentimental or important items, and plan on donating the rest to charity.

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