Are Your Normal Activities Overwhelming? Slow Down and Take a Moment to Reflect

Are your normal activities making your life hectic? Consider these ways to slow things down. 
Get rid of distractions. 

Trying to cram everything into your day will make for a full schedule–and a hectic life. Look for ways to cut down on your list of daily activities. Eliminate needless television watching. Cut your magazine subscriptions down to a manageable level. Cut back on your children’s planned activities. Make simple dinners a few nights a week.  

Get rid of the clutter in your life. 
Look around you. If your home is cluttered and full of items you rarely use or enjoy, consider cleaning out the junk. Not only will you have simplified your living space, you’ll have fewer things to clean, giving you more time for other activities. 

Get enough sleep. 
Nothing makes it harder to get through the day than lack of sleep. If you constantly find yourself short on sleep, try going to bed at 9:00 p.m. once or twice a week.  

Take time for yourself. 
Set aside time each day to reflect, walk, read, or do an activity that you really enjoy. Take up a hobby that interests you. Take time each day to be grateful for all you have. 

Look for the simple pleasures. 
During any free time you have, choose simple activities that allow you spend time with friends and family. Have a potluck picnic, instead of a large dinner for guests. Go for a bike ride with the kids, instead of going to the amusement park for the day. Take a daily walk and enjoy your neighborhood. 
Just say no. 

Instead of trying to please others, consider whether you really have time for each task someone asks you to do. If the answer is “No,” then decline. It helps sometimes to have a standard response for each request you don’t have time for. Try saying, “I’m busy with other things right now, but thanks for considering me,” or “I’d love to help, but my commitments are pressing right now.”

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