Do Not Allow Your Heating Bill to Rise This Winter

Cold weather can make us uncomfortable and can cause our home heating bills to rise. There are some simple things you can do to make your home warmer and more cozy this winter. 

Windows are the number one source of heat loss from a home, especially for those with older style, single pane windows. Window insulating kits can be purchased at almost any hardware store and come in both inside and outside application styles. Applied properly, these plastic film insulators are invisible, but they can make a significant difference in the amount of drafty air coming into your home. 

If your doors are not sealed tightly against the outdoors, you will lose heat from these areas as well. Foam weather stripping can be applied around the outside of the door to provide a tighter seal between the door and its frame. A rubber sweep can be applied to the bottom of doors to deal with drafts from outside. 

Other Sources of Heat Loss
You may consider insulating your electrical outlets, especially those mounted on outside walls. Outlet insulating kits can be purchased at most hardware stores. Also check the openings around pipes, and seal with caulk if there is movement of air there. If you have an air conditioner, using an insulated cover can prevent much of the loss of warm air through the vents, even when they are closed.

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